im going to do a responsible service of alcohol course at tafe B’)


i have severe stomach cramps lol

living that sick bay lyf

"rockets are raining down on israel!!!!" yet hardly any people have been hurt or died from pretty shoddy built missles while israeli warplanes are striking civilian targets, israeli mortar fire killing people sheltering in un refuges and israeli ground troops kicking in doors and arresting people who have done nothing wrong. those who support israel are so blind to the blood that covers the israeli governments hands and they will not be happy until the last traces of palestinian statehood is gone.

iago: cassios stealin yo girl
*othello cries because he believes skeezy shitnerd christopher eccleston with a bad haircut*

kiwis are either rude as fuck with an intense hatred of fush un chups or really cool people

splendour in the arse

billie piper was in a modern retelling of much ado about nothing as hero and christopher eccleston respectively in the modern version of othello playing the skeezy shitnerd iago

real human beam and a real hero..